Worth Your Time

Here are some interesting things I’ve found around the internets recently that I thought you might all enjoy. Currently working away at some stuff right now which will hopefully be up soon.

Patti Digh has a great piece up at her blog “37 Days” about what it takes to be a writer (hint: you have to fucking write!) Read it here. Here’s a great excerpt:

The writing is everything. Not the publishing. Not the work-shopping. Not the agent-shopping. Not the Amazon sales rank. Not the deciding who will play you in the movie (Meryl Streep, of course, for 90% of us, what with the accents and all). No, just the writing. The unsexy part. The part where blood drips from your forehead and you imagine yourself far more precious and special than you are.

Also, given their latest privacy issues, here’s a list of 10 reasons to quit Facebook. Haven’t yet quit myself, but it’s worth considering after reading this.

Professor Eric Schwitzgebel has charted the prominence of certain philosophers and ideas in academic journals in a series of handy charts found here. Nietzsche’s on the rise and Dualism just won’t go away.

Those scamps Glenn Greenwald and Larry Lessig are at it again over the nomination of Elena Kagan. This is one of the few intelligent and substantive debates we’ll get over Kagan’s nomination so savour it. View the video here.

And that’s about it for now. Happy reading until next time.

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