RIP Cesare Siepi

The great Italian baritone Cesare Siepi has passed away at age 87. Siepi is quite possibly my favourite baritone and opera performer for his distinct and powerful voice. This man epitomized what it meant to be a baritone and it only took a few notes to recognize his one of a kind voice no matter what part he sang. He also had little formal training as a vocalist, which perhaps gave him that unique edge over other performers. A great obituary in the New York Times details his distinguished career. Below are a few examples of this man’s brilliance.

Siepi was considered the definitive modern Don Giovanni, but he also did a mean Leporello, the Don’s servant. I don’t doubt that Siepi could have had 1,003 women in Spain if he wanted.

And, lastly, here is he as the Don. He even makes tights look badass.

There’s lots more to discover from Siepi. A quick YouTube search is a great way to start.

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