Quick Update on Life in General

I suppose I owe my half dozen or so readers an explanation as to why it’s been a while since I’ve written anything substantial on here. The simple explanation is that, as many of you will know by now, I have been transitioning from Toronto to Kingston in order to start my graduate studies at Queen’s University. I arrived safely in Kingston this past Saturday and have been settling here since then, which has distracted me quite a bit as you might imagine. The lead-up to the move itself also derailed me from sitting down and putting together anything coherent, as my mind was not in anything resembling a normal functioning state.

Life in Kingston is quite nice thus far. It’s a very beautiful city and in many ways the consummate university town. Everything you need is here and nothing feels vertiginous or overwhelming as it often did in Toronto, despite having been born and raised in that city. Yes, Toronto had endless variety and choices when it came to food, nightlife, etc. but none of that ever really mattered to me. There’s a book store only a short walk away and some good places to grab a schwarma and that’s really all I need. The proximity to the lake is also something to behold for an inner city kid from Toronto. I can’t deny that I’m truly relishing the change of environment and the seclusion that I’m able to achieve here.

Kingston is a very easy city to fall in love with once you’ve been here a few days. It’s a bit of a walk to reach certain things, but I’ve been enjoying the fact that nothing is ultra-convenient and that I do have to get off my ass and make an effort if I want to get somewhere. Those walks will certainly serve me well in the long run when it comes to clearing my head and not becoming a sedentary blob of a graduate student. And it’s not like anything is more than a 20 minute walk away from where I’m living. The compact nature of the city actually makes it a bit more bike and pedestrian friendly than most and that’s not a bad thing.

Toronto, however, has always been home and I suppose always will be. I do miss the old neighbourhood and my favourite places that I managed to discover over the years, not too mention the handful of friends that I’m leaving behind. Thankfully, those friends are never more than a phone call away. I will be back soon enough though so I see no reason to worry. For now I will simply enjoy the experience of living in this new city not too far from home.

That’s my quick update for now and I promise to return to less frivolous topics very soon. I am approaching the end of Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs, and Steel, which I will likely review once I have finished, though it is such an expansive book I’ll have to take some time to figure out exactly how to go about such a task.

All the best for now.

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